CRUSHED: an MFM Ménage Series
By Logan Black
Erotic Romance
Reverse Harem

Ranch and Logan have a plan to conquer the world. The world of erotica, that is. With Reverse Harem and Two-Dudes-One-Chick stories all the rage these days, Ranch and Logan have hit upon a plan to capitalize on the trend. The two budding smut writers travel the land in search of other smutty authors they can tag team in the sluttiest ways possible—then record it all for posterity (and your one-handed reading pleasure). Holes will be filled. Limits will be stretched. Dicks will undoubtedly touch. And in every installment, one lucky lady gets CRUSHED.

CRUSHED: Eliza Black
Book 1
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CRUSHED: Vivian Blake
Book 2
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CRUSHED: Jordan Lubov
Book 3
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Book 4
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CRUSHED - Harlot O. Scara
Book 5
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CRUSHED - Andrea H. Todd
Book 6
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CRUSHED - Vivienne Hawthorn
Book 7
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